Karin Melin


The circus journey started at an early age on the kitchen table after dinner when she wanted to show everybody that she can stand in a bridge while singing a song. She became fast the cartwheel champion in her school since she could cartwheel all the way to the cafeteria.

Later on, between 1997-2007 she has trained and played shows all over the world with her youth circus Ludvika Minicirkus. The circus journey have then continued, in 2014 she graduated from the well-known school DOCH, dance and circus university.

In Karins work one can often see depictions of her childhood and how she puts great value to her imagination. She twists and turns ordinary objects and expresses her art strongly by placing her self on a trapeze and then balances freely on her head. Orderly and alert is she always and she priority her work most of all. From Karin you’ll get quality with a pinch of sugar.

Karin Melin


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